Established in 1982
Ages 2 1/2 - 10 years old, OPEN Mon-Fri 6:30 am - 6:00 pm

870 West 32nd Street

Yuma, Arizona 85364

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New Parents



Welcome to Yuma Preschool. Our whole reason for existence to provide a quality educational program for your child. We hope you can take time to visit our preschool and allow our staff to give you a complete tour of the facilities.

We will be more than happy to answer, on a personal basis, any questions you might have concerning our program.


Enrollment and Disenrollment procedures


All children who enter Yuma Preschool must be toilet trained. Yuma Preschool is non-discriminatory, and we believe in equal attention and care for all children without regard to race, national origin, ancestry or special needs.

When your child is enrolled, a completed registered form, emergency information and immunization records must be provided.

Yuma Preschool reserves the right to disenroll a child anytime for any reason it deems necessary.


Registration Fee


There is a non-refundable registration fee for our fall program: $100.00 and for our Summer program: $75.00. You must reregister your child every fall and summer if you wish a spot for them in our programs.



Preschool Programs & Hours


Yuma Preschool is open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. Monday through Friday. We offer full day and half day programs. Students who are left past 6:00 pm will be charged $5.00 per minute, per student.


Vacations & Holidays


Yuma Preschool is closed on the following holidays:


• Martin Luther King Day

• President's Day

• Memorial Day

• Fourth of July

• Labor Day

• Veteran's Day

• Thanksgiving Day and Friday after

• Christmas Day and possibly the day before or after, and New Year's Day.

If a holiday falls on a weekend, Yuma Preschool may be closed either the preceding Friday or the following Monday.




Birthdays are important to children and they like sharing them with their friends. Please notify your child's teacher if you plan to bring something for your child's special day. We suggest mini cupcakes or cookies. Please no chocolate. Simple snacks and treats are fine, but please no parties.


Tuition Payments


All tuition is due and payable in advance. If monthly tuition is not paid by the 3rd of each month, there will be a charge of $5.00 per day until it is paid. Weekly tuition payments are due on Monday of each week and will be charged a late fee of $5.00 if not paid Mondays.

Refer to the tuition schedule regarding credits to your account when your child is absent from school.


Admission and Release requirements


State rules and regulations require you to sign your child in and out of Yuma Preschool each day they are in attendance.


Transportation Procedure


Yuma Preschool does not provide transportation.

Field Trips


Field trips are taken during our summer program for school age children. These trips are planned in advance on a weekly basis and require a permission slip to be signed in order for the child to participate.


Good Health


Health is an important factor at Yuma Preschool. If children are ill, they are much more comfortable at home. Observation and supervision of the health of children during school hours is the responsibility of the director and staff. Children who become ill during the day will be made comfortable until the parents can be notified and the child is removed from the school. If medication needs to be given during the day, parents must come and administer to the child.


Accidents & Emergencies


Staff members are well-trained in first aid and CPR and can handle everyday bumps and bruises. Should emergency action be needed, the parents will be notified immediately.

If necessary, the child will be taken to his or her doctor or the nearest hospital. (If parents cannot be reached in case of an emergency, the other numbers listed on your completed emergency card will be called.)

It is imperative that all emergency information be kept on a current basis.




At Yuma Preschool, we approach the question of discipline with a positive attitude. We see discipline as a means if helping children learn "acceptable behavior", according to their emotional, intellectual and physical development. Most problems are avoided because we provide a variety of activities for the children throughout the day.

If continuous discipline problems do arise, parents will be contacted so that together with the director and teacher, a positive program for the ultimate benefit of the children can be developed.


Mealtime Program


Yuma Preschool offers the children a nutritious snack in mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Quality lunches are served daily. We actively involve the children in the serving of the lunch so they can learn about good nutrition and about the different effects foods have on their bodies. Breakfast is also served daily from 7:30 – 8:15am for an additional fee.

Menus are sent home for parents to review, and we welcome any suggestions you might have.


A time for Quiet


Every afternoon, a nap is provided for all children. We believe it is necessary for children to have some time by themselves each day, and also be able to rest from the day's activities. If your child has a favorite item that they would feel more comfortable with while resting, they are more than welcome to bring it to school. These items will be stored in your child's classroom until nap time. Please be sure to label these items with your child's name. PLEASE NO BLANKETS OR PILLOWS. These are provided.




A change of clothing is necessary for children of all ages in case of inclement weather. Please label clothing with the child's name clearly identified. This apparel, along with other personal items, should be left in a bag or back pack brought in from home. (Please avoid thongs and sandals that's don't buckle because they may cause falls or other accidents.)


Fire Safety


Fire Drills are held monthly in the morning or afternoon. Children are carefully instructed on what to do in case of a fire or emergency. Evacuation plans are clearly posted in the school for the staff and everyone concerned.


Parent Participation


Yuma Preschool welcomes maximum parent involvement. We welcome all suggestions as we constantly strive to improve the quality of our program for your child. Additionally, any hobbies, or special interests you have and would like to share with us, would be greatly appreciated.

Throughout the year, the director of the school will schedule events which we encourage all parents to attend. A close unity among the parents, child and school will help enrich your child's early education experience.


Pesticide application procedures: International Fumigators will be spraying the inside and outside of Yuma Preschool on the 4th Tuesday of each month. We post 48 hours before this date what chemicals will be used so all parents will be aware.


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